Backyard Forestry w/ Donna Crossland, Dale Prest & Jamie Simpson


Backyard Forestry w/ Donna Crossland, Dale Prest & Jamie Simpson

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July 28 - 30, 2017

Participants in this year’s Backyard Forestry workshop will learn about basic forest ecology and how to work with a piece of land to encourage ecological and economical value. Topics covered will include: Identifying tree and shrub species, and their ecological roles in the forest; choosing which trees to cut and which trees to leave; how to promote wildlife habitat; what landowners can do to increase forest carbon storage; how our forests have changed, and what we can do to promote natural forests; what we can learn from natural disturbances in the forest; where to obtain funding for silviculture activities; legal issues such as wood theft and capital gains tax, and, the virtues of a “messy” woodlot.

Full price $325. $100 deposit required to register. 

Registration is accepted up to two weeks before the workshop date.

Participants can also send any payments by cheque to 339 Sandy Bay Rd, East Port L'Hebert, NS B0T 1S0, or contact Dirk at 902-646-1554 for other inquiries about payment.

Maximum 15 participants.

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Forest ecologist Donna Crossland is a dynamic speaker professing “a passion for monitoring forest songbirds,” holds a Master’s of Science in Forestry from UNB, and is resource management officer at Kijimkujik Naitonal Park. With wildlife biologist Bob Bancroft, Donna co-authored “Restoring the Health of Nova Scotia’s Foresets,” as part of government’s 2010 Natural Resources Strategy.


Dale grew up in a logging and saw milling family in rural NS. His work now is to incorporate the value of carbon storage into the economic management of private woodlots as a way to pay woodlot owners more for better managing their forests. 


Jamie Simpson is a forester, writer and lawyer with a passion for low-impact forestry.  He is the author of Restoring the Acadian Forest: A Guide to Forest Stewardship for Woodlot Owners in the Maritimes, and Journeys through Eastern Old-growth Forests: A Narrative Guide.  Jamie has received several awards for his work, including the Elizabeth May Award for Environmental Service, the Environmental Law Prize from Dalhousie University, and the Honour in the Woods Award from the Nova Scotia Environmental Network.  When he has the chance, Jamie loves to climb rocks, paddle his canoe, and play his fiddle and guitar.