Berries, Insects and Plants, oh my!

Another busy couple of weeks at the Harrison Lewis Centre have come and gone. Leah and I have been out in the field quite a bit working on the Port L’Hebert Nature Reserve. We are so fortunate to have Sarah Adams and Adele Bunbury-Blanchette’s guidance and eagerness for this project, they’ve been incredibly knowledgeable.

Photo credits: Adele Bunbury-Blanchette

Photo credits: Adele Bunbury-Blanchette

Last week we learned how to properly collect samples, including the necessary data to be gathered with the sample as well, and then were shown how to properly press them. We’re truly starting from scratch since neither of us have botany backgrounds, but we’re learning so much as we go along and really enjoying this unique opportunity. My favourite discovery thus far has been the beautiful orchids, such as Dragon’s mouth and White Fringed, as well as crowberry plants. Luckily, no one else seems to be fond of the crowberry which is found in abundance throughout the site...more for me!

We also completed our first Wild Wednesday last week, Insect Discovery. The highlight was when our participants caught not only one but, TWO tiger beetles on the beach! Although it was a small turnout, it was enjoyed by all and we’re very excited for the coming weeks to watch as the groups grow.

As for this weekend, we’re delighted to be hosting Poppy Balser’s Plein Air Watercolour Painting workshop. With a sold out program, it’s going to be a full house! In fact, every weekend from here on out there will be different workshops taking place at the Centre. We hope to see your friendly faces soon!



Photo credits: Ben Sadeh Enjoying a snack while doing PR work

Photo credits: Ben Sadeh
Enjoying a snack while doing PR work