Oh summer, how you have flown!

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of Friday Field Notes! This week we’re switching gears a little bit.

My name is Mackenzie and I have been the Program Assistant here over the summer. Part of my job has been keeping you folks updated on all the happenings and events (and critters!) at the HLC via this very blog! However, I have also been helping plan some of the events that have taken place! I have been able to be part of so many workshops and projects this summer. Our Wild Weekend Workshops have brought such an array or dedicated researchers and those committed to the natural environment, and it has been such a pleasure to meet and participate in the amazing work these people do!

It’s been a wonderful experience to engage with so many dedicated people that work in all corners of environmental conservation and education! The family of the HLC extends far beyond the staff itself, including the community members who deeply believe in what we do here. The South Shore has so much to offer, and it was such a pleasure to get to know all the different people and communities!

I have been living at the HLC this summer, and it has been so nice to have spent the summer surrounded by such natural beauty! I’m sitting on the back porch right now drinking in the scenery as I type. I think the fact the HLC is a liiiiittle rural is its biggest asset, because you are able to come a place that has been made special by the people that frequent here.  It’s a research facility, a workspace, a retreat, a family vacation, or educational experience, The HLC provides a multifunctional access to nature, in which people are able to connect with rural life and environmental practices. For me, it has been my home for the summer, but now it is time for me to head back to the big city and get back in to the swing of school!

With me leaving the Centre, I have arranged for a blog take over throughout September! For the next four weeks you will hear from some of the amazing community members and collaborators I mentioned above! Keep your eyes peeled for an installment written by our founder, board member, and creator of DvL publishing Dirk van Loon; our first ever WorkAway volunteer and our favorite New York City based teacher, Emily; and a few other surprise guest writers!

Thank you all for tuning in each week to learn about what is happening around the HLC. I hope you have enjoyed reading what we have been doing all summer! Make sure to follow our social media accounts Facebook: @HarrisonLewisCoastalDiscoveryCentre, and on Instagram @harrisonlewiscentre

Written by: Mackenzie Blanchard

Edited by: Shauna Doll