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Harrison Lewis Lecture at White Point: Revealing the Hidden Lives of Wild Animals with Dr. Franziska Broell, Marine Biologist

  • Atlantic C Room White Point Beach Resort Road Hunts Point, NS, B0T 1G0 Canada (map)

When studying animals that live in the ocean, the environment presents a significant barrier. The sea is a large and often hostile environment. Visual observations are rare, making it difficult to find out where animals are or what they are doing.

Dr. Franziska Broell, a marine biologist, works all over the world tracking wild marine animals with teams of researchers who gather data using new technology. This creates a detailed picture of the activities of marine animals in remote environments and the challenges they face.

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During her talk, Dr. Broell will share some of her team’s discoveries into the lives of these animals. For example, they’ve learned that narwhals can dive to 2000 m in the Canadian Arctic. That grey seals on Sable island swim to the bottom of the ocean to sleep. And, the Greenland shark spends most of its time moving in slow-motion until it’s time to feed.

The lecture will be held at the White Point Beach Resort, Atlantic C Room, July 24th at 8PM. 

For more information, please contact Jessica at or (902) 440-5503.

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