Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday Image.jpg

Wild Wednesday involves a series of free educational guided nature hikes (approx. 1-2 hours) every Wednesday afternoon (2-4 pm) in July (11, 18, 25) and August (1, 8, 15, 22, 29) for kids and families, but accessible to people of all ages.

Previously, Wild Wednesday has been offered by the HLC at only one location. This year, Wild Wednesdays will be expanded to three locations, offering more opportunities to hike/explore various ecosystems in the area, including: 1) the HLC, 2) Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, and 3) Carter’s Beach. While walking/hiking easily accessible trails and/or coastline, each week focuses on a different theme.

Participants will be encouraged to explore and experience the natural environment in different ways, including: 1) sight (visual identification plants/animals with the naked eye, magnifying glasses or binoculars), 2) sound (learning to identify birds based on their songs), and 2) touch (getting their hands wet in the intertidal zone to learn about marine critters).

Wild Wednesdays are designed to leave a positive impact by encouraging outdoor physical activity through walking/hiking in different ecosystems, while fostering a stewardship ethic and appreciation for the natural environment. This will reach visitors and local community members alike. Whereas this region is popular for ecotourism, visitors will have the opportunity to partake in a free outdoor activity that educates them about the local environment and/or sensitive species/habitats, encouraging them to tread lightly and leave no trace. It will also have a positive impact on local community members, exposing them to new hiking trail systems and teaching them more about the important ecosystems/wildlife in their backyards.

To get involved, please contact Jessica at info@harrisonlewiscentre.org.