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The Harrison Lewis Centre is a not-for-profit centre with charitable status, founded in 2007, which provides opportunities to appreciate the natural environment through research, seminars, and instruction in many areas including art, music, and writing. The Centre also offers workshops for those wishing to acquire skills relating to small farming and woodlot management

Located on the Atlantic Coast at Sandy Bay Landings, East Port L'Hebert on Nova Scotia's South Shore. Outstanding opportunities to explore, conduct research and learn about natural landscapes are on the centre's doorstep. 

From Bedrock geology to forested hills overlooking the ocean and Port Joli Harbour, The Harrison Lewis Centre sits on the doorstep of a rich and largely unspoiled environment. Its own lands consist of more than 300 hectares offering a wide assortment of habitats from open meadows and pastures to woodlands, ponds, bogs, coastal barrens, sand beach and rock shore. 

Close by are the Thomas Raddall Natural Environment Provincial Park, Kejimkujik Seaside National Park, The Canadian Wildlife Service Port Joli Migratory Waterfowl Sanctuary, The Tidney Wilderness Area and other Protected lands: approximately 7 000 ha in total. 


Photos from the centre

“The facility is magnificently thought out and executed in a most beautiful part of the world”
— Catherine Pross, Naturalist